Partitioning of God's Land (Part 4)

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The Role of Womanhood (Part 1)

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No man lives to himself and no man dies unto himself. The actions of all men are under the jurisdiction of the Creator. This is God’s universe. He monitors everything that transpires on this planet. Men may live and serve Him or they may oppose Him, but it is undeniable that God holds everyone accountable for everything one does in life. The sooner a man learns this and submits to His rule, the better it will be. And those who rule over others will have much more to account for. For more on this see “God’s Rule In The Affairs Of Men.”
God's Rule On The Affairs of Men
Is the tithe commanded today? If so, to what purpose has God ordained it? Can it be used however a church may please? Find out what Scripture says in this matter in “God’s Design In The Use Of The Tithe (Part 2).”
God's Design in the Use of the Tithe
Is Allah of Islam God? Is Islam a religion of truth or is it a stupendous fraud? Can Christianity and Islam co-exist? Can it be shown that the God of Christianity is not the one who claims to have given revelation of himself to Muhammad? Was Muhammad an honorable person and worthy to be held as the “seal of the prophets?” In “Christianity and Islam Compared” primary teachings of both religions are placed side by side.
Islam vs. Christianity
The Middle East Crisis—Will it lead to World War III? What is behind all the violence in that part of the earth? Why is it that the Jews are so hated not only in Palestine but also in most nations where they may be found? Do they have the exclusive right to live in Palestine? Do Arabs have a right to control a part of that land? Is there a solution that will please both sides? Learn about what is behind this conflict in the series of articles: “Partitioning Of God’s Land.”
Middle East Crises
Will the problem with the priests be put to silence by the church? What is the true state of the Catholic church? God demands truth in the inner man. He calls for the truth of His word to be proclaimed, in love, in every nation that He may set the captives free. If you know little about the concepts and inner workings of this “branch” of Christianity, check out “Problems In The Priesthood: Tip of The Iceberg.”
problems in the priesthood
What is the duty of man? Is it to love God first? It is indeed love to God that is “to occupy our thinking and is to be reflected in how we go about our duties in life.” Is man free to decide what he will do in life? Know this: “Humility does not seek to justify itself before God.” How important is humility in a person’s life? Why is it that “only the humble can approach unto God and attain His blessings?” Learn more about this subject in “Humility (Part 1).”
Do women have an inalienable right to equal authority with men in domestic life and in all other institutions or professions of society? Is it God’s will that women be leaders in society? Is it just that the men should lay claim to headship in the home and that the wife should be expected to submit to her husband and follow his lead? Learn about God’s role for women in this first of a series about “The Role Of Womanhood.”
Role of Womenhood
A truth about most people is they think wrongly about themselves. Most of the rich are deceived by the wealth and the success they claim. Many of the downtrodden feel unloved, unwanted, and unneeded. And the pursuit of worldly success and the accolades that the world gives leads only to a desert. Apart from God, all that man may achieve will not prevent his ruin. You are precious to our Creator! He loves all with a perfect love. Discover more about God’s designs and provisions for you in “Your Worth.”
Your Worth
If the highest priority in life is to obey God, then it surely is essential to discover how he wants us to treat others. The honoring of one’s parents is a Divinely commanded duty. The refusal to abide by this command can bring dire consequences to anyone who refuses to obey God in this matter. A nation where its children are disrespectful and disobedient to their parents is a nation that will come to ruin. Learn what God requires of you in this first in a series of articles entitled “Honoring Your Parents.”
Honoring Your Parents

Do not despise the coldness of winter's testing.The rarest blooms are enhanced by the coldest winters.

The greatest treasures of life are love
and joy, peace and rest. These are only
found in the Savior, but they can be
stolen away by fear and doubt and

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